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quest one | here comes peter cottontail!

CHARACTERS: any and all!
DATE: April 8th~14th
RATING: PG for possible (and expected) swearing?
SUMMARY: It's the first Quest in The World, just in time for Easter! There's a message awaiting everyone on their Relics when they wake up, so hop to it!

[ You'll see this becoming a theme, Kain unfortunately decked out for the holiday in question while being rather sour about it. He's at his usual spot behind the Quest Kiosk, in his usual blue garb. The only difference is the silver bunny ears perching on his head, one straight with a bent tip and the other rather floppy.

The fluffy tail sticking out the back of the chair was not helping matters any. There's a basket filled with pastel paper easter grass and filled to burst with silver and bronze eggs, intricately designed with pipes, rivets and gears.

The Relics around town chirped, steamed, and vibrated, with the message already on-screen.

HAPPY EASTER (*´∀`*b)━━!!!! There's eight eggs to be found in every area and dungeon today, so grab a basket by the Chaos Gate and find them all! One has a surprise for you, so bring the other seven to the Quest Kiosk for your final prize!

There's a sign beside the stacks of empty easter baskets detailing the objective a little further, stating that eggs in dungeons will be found no lower than the second floor, and that there's a prize for participating as well.

In the meantime, Kain is kicked back and playing a game on his Relic. ]

( ooc | Please don't forget to tag your characters into the log when you've replied! Here's the low-down on prizes: one of the eggs, when picked up, will spontaneously combust and your character will have a Rabbit Hood item automatically equipped. You can't remove it for the rest of the week, and it will give the character unique bunny ears like Kain, in the character's hair color (but sometimes accidents happen and it may not match!).

Anyone who participates but doesn't collect all the eggs in one area will be auto-equipped with an equally-irremovable Rabbit Tail charm ONLY ONCE! There will be no item duplicates, and all of the eggs they gathered will disappear at the end of the Quest if not turned in for the prize. The Rabbit Tail charm will give them a perfectly round fluff tail to match their ears.

Finally, if you collect all seven (eight with the bunny ears), you'll win a basket filled with fresh hot food, some extra rations, and a number of healing items. More free grub on the house! )
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Heavenly Season's Offerings

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[See Takeshi.

See Takeshi, with the quest's basket, run.

See Takeshi running away from a mob of monsters at least ten levels higher than he is.

Not so heavenly, this area.]
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[ her newbie World skills? Not that great. Her Seiken abilities? Somewhat more effective. It's Climhazzard time! ]

Take heart, you are not alone!
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Oh thank heavens, I thought I was going to die alone! [Takeshi runs up to her; thankfully the mob isn't all that fast! Maybe they should party up and whip up a counter attack?]
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Never, but it may be close. [ that's the plan! Like a proper meatshield tank, she stays between him and the mob drawing every closer. And then looks him over with a glance. ] You are a mage?
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[This is exciting! He gets to party it up with a strong woman--]

Mage? Well, kinda! I have support magic, but no fireballs or anything. That okay?
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sob this thread

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It will suffice, certainly. [ she doesn't mean that negatively at all. In fact, she slips into a proper sword stance without another word, trusting that he'll support her.

Let the battle to protect the easter eggs begin. B| ]
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it's going to be beautiful okay

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Good, 'cause here they come! [Frantically pointing at the approaching mob! Instinct says to run, but he can't leave her behind, especially since they were now in a party!

He'll just take the first turn and cast a spell to raise her attack!]

Ap Corv!
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the dog costume has convinced me

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[ all for one and one for all, or something.

Well it's certainly lucky he's there, because sword skills or not, she needed the help on damage calculation. Also, what is this sudden compulsion to call her attacks out loud? WORLD YOU'RE STRANGE ]

Stock Break!
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just as planned

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Whoa, what was that? [Calling your attacks out loud is the mark of a true hero! Or something.

Either way, he is going to keep buffing her attacks and de-buff the enemy mob because this is what he was born to do. Dance and duke out the support magic.]

Watch out, there's another to your right! I'm Takeshi, by the way! [...He has his quirks too.]
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I see it-! [Whoops, let's cut that one down with several ponderous slashes. She's kind of bemused at his dancing, but it's undeniably effective. These monsters are falling faster than she expected.]

[And a few seconds' lull follows.] I am Beatrix.
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You're pretty good, Beatrix! [He stumbles in pronouncing her name, but it sounds close! He just needs to work on his tr's.]

Have you been playing long? [He'll just reduce the last monster's def here, so she can finish him off easy.]
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[ hmmph, 'pretty good'. She'll probably have to train for months to regain the edge she used to have in this new world.

With that in mind, she strikes the last monster down. ]

I am only recently arrived in Mac Anu, but I have been fighting for years, against monsters and men alike. [ she straightens, and after a moment spent accessing her Relic, retrieves a health drink. ] But your magic is more powerful than the others'. Why is that?
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Oh..! That, haha! I've... actually been here a while, I guess. [sheepish cheek-scratching.] I'm level 5 right now, but it used to be higher. But I guess things can't be helped.

Before I forget, thanks for coming to my rescue! I couldn't handle all of them by myself, but it's pretty great when you have company!
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Companions make a battle worthwhile. [ she'll agree with that, easily. ] You are welcome, but I must also thank you for your support. Your magic and your experience are invaluable.

Now, were you hunting for something?
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Hehe, you're welcome! [he grins and gives her the V-sign.]

Yeah, I was looking for eggs! [pulling out the event basket from the Relic and showing it to her.] I've got four in this area, but I need four more to complete the Quest.
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sorry for the late ;w;

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[ What was that sign he made with his hand just now? She blinks for a moment, before nodding and glancing at the event basket. ]

And they are all in this area, correct?
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;u; it's okay, i am late too

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Yep! Eight eggs in each area, and there's a special prize when you complete them. I just got my fourth when the monsters came after me. [cheekscratch.]

It's good that you were around, though! I owe you one~
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You could pay me back by allowing me to accompany you, then. I would like to see how this quest progresses.
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Of course, I can do that! I'd love to, in fact! With you, I'm sure this quest will be much easier~
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should we timeskip to more eggs or owo

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[ good, appeal to her arrogance. ]

Then lead the way, Takeshi.
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timeskips are good!

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[and so it was adventure time! monsters were fought and they found more eggs. two, actually.

but the sixth egg, as soon as takeshi grabbed it, suddenly went poof, and takeshi now has rabbit ears. cue confusion.]